Repair Services


  All services will be estimated with customer, with price, parts, and labor. We will not let estimate exceed vaule of bike unless approved by signature by customer. 






Basic Tune-Up.....................$39.99

  • Tighten up bicycle
  • Adjust cones and minor adjustment to gears and brakes
  • Air tires
  • Inspect bicycle for worn and damaged parts
  • Touch up wheel alignment (minor)

Major Tune-Up.....................$79.99
       Same as Basic & General Tune-up, plus....
  • Grease brakes and gear cables
  • The maximum service package to any bike (unless damage to parts)
  • Any brand
  • Includes 90 day warranty and up to one year

**We supply quality parts and professional service for all brands of bicycles. 

(Free Estimates on service, open for unseen damage, prices subject to change)





General Tune-Up........................$69.99
       Same as Basic Tune-up, plus....
  • Remove wheels
  • True in Trueing Stand (average)
  • Clean up components and lube
  • Wipe chain and lube
  • Adjust front and rear derailer, clean and lube
  • Adjust brakes and align brake shoes

Complete Overhaul..........$179.99 (Prices may varry)                                                                 
(plus materials)
       All services , plus....
  • Take bike down to frame; clean and rebuild
  • Take all components apart; clean and grease
  • Rebuild bike like new with one year warranty, plus free 60 day check over

New Bike Set Up..............$139.99

         Out of Box or Ordered Bikes....

  • Full Service 
  • 1 year Warranty 




True wheel
$21.99 & up
Degrease & clean bike; lube components
Replace tire or tube on bike (average)
Overhaul fork set
Overhaul coaster brake
Overhaul rear hub w/free wheel
Overhaul front wheel
Adjust brakes, front & rear; clean & lube - both
Adjust gears, front & rear; clean & lube
Overhaul bottom bracket
Align fork
Approx. $21.95                    & up
Align rear derailer
Approx. $22.99
Clean chain or grease & lube; remove & install



            See us for all of your repair needs including:



  • Basic Tune-Up

  • General Tune-Up

  • Major Tune-Up

  • Complete Overhaul

  • Other Services